Saturday, May 14, 2005

We Are Camping At Lake Casitas

YEA HAW!  They got the Bounder Headers and exhaust system install and I was out of the shop by about 4:30 p.m. yesterday.  WOW!  I have power again.  All the problems of backfiring and dieseling are solved.  Of course it cost just at $1700 including the ignition cables.  I am not sure how much power we might have gained as we didn't get any decent grades the we were able to get up to speed on.  At this point I figure we have spent under $3000 on repair and maintenance of this motorhome in the year we have had it.  Not too bad in my opinion, especially for a 1988 RV. 

I took the Bounder home and loaded the last minute stuff into it and we were up at the lake by about 6:30.  It is only about  30 miles up here.  An easy drive into our local mountains, but slow speeds made it hard to judge power. 

The lake is beautiful.  It is good to see the winter rains have raised lake levels up to about full.  The rains caused a lot of road closures due to washouts and many of the roads are still closed or under repair.  Roads up to this area were closed for a while and the road is still under repair.

Lake Casitas  is a drinking water, man made lake.  There is no swimming, water skiing or body contact with the water.  They do allow boats, so regularly the peace and quiet of the campground is broken by the sound of a power boat speeding by.

This group we are with includes two motorhomes, two tent campers and a small trailer.  I told you about Faith's trailer before.  Small, but fully self contained and very spacious for a small trailer.  Right now some of the others are going out for a boat ride on the lake.  Faith's boyfriend brought his boat along.  This place charges you for every day you have a boat in the campground whether you use it or not.  So, if you tow a boat in and stay five days, you have to pay for 5 days of boating even if you never put the boat in the water. 


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