Get an RV foot rest and you too will have a more comfortable trip.
This little foot stool make travel more pleasurable

RV Foot Rest -- A Great Foot Stool

RV Foot rests give you comfort and convenience when traveling

Do your feet and legs get tired riding for a long time in your RV. You need an RV foot rest built especially for riding in a vehicle. Ours is a little wooden foot stool. The magic about this RV stool is that is is not straight across on top, it is sloped. This gives a comfortable angle to rest your feet while traveling.

It also solves another traveling problem. Have you ever tried to work with something in your lap as you travel? Maybe use your laptop computer or write in a notebook, or even hold a couple maps and a tour book in your lap? This little stool changes the angle of your lap. Instead of angling downward you lap is now straight out or slightly angled up. It makes it a lot easier to use a laptop computer or keep other things from sliding out of your lap onto the floor when you have the stool beneath your feet.

I guess if you wanted you could find a soft pillow to put on the stool for barefooted comfort but we haven't tried that yet.

We also found that they are good to use once you have arrived at your destination. Just lift it out of the passenger area and put in in front of you couch or chair and continue the comfort and convenience.

These RV foot rests are inexpensive. If you would like one, just click the picture or the link

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