Friday, August 26, 2005

I Am Working Again -- Full Speed Ahead

For a while I wasn’t working very hard at making a living. I have been on this self improvement program of exercise, motivational tapes and reading motivational books and I am getting more done each day.  A little at a time I am changing things that need to be changed.  You saw the list of most recent pages published yesterday, well here are more to add to that.

The first page is one about Sharon and I. It gives a little insight into who we are.

We were wanting a fan for inside the motorhome.  I am always hot.  There are time when we are in quiet times without hookup and a nice fan would be just what I could use.  I got an Endless Breeze fan at Camping World.  We were so impressed with it that we went back and got another one for Sharon.

At our first San Dimas rally one of the kids got a toy parachute caught in a tree. Some one brought out a collapsible ladder. It looked like a 2x4 piece of lumber as they carried it out.  It opened up into a 7 foot long ladder.  I was impressed and finally got one.

Next month is the rally at Lake San Antonio, California.  They are planning on having an ice cream social with homemade ice cream.  How do you carry all that ice for ice cream makers to make ice cream for 24 rigs of people. I found the answer, an ice machine that makes up to 29 pounds of ice a day and will make 12 cubes of ice in 6 to 8 minutes. WOW!  I think I need to get one of those.

As I said in a message a few days ago, “I am on a roll”. Now, if I can keep on this level of activity, I will solve a lot of our problems and be on the fast track toward going full time.

We may even be in the market for an a new (used) motorhome. Sharon has been looking at used RV’s for a long time now. She compares features and checks carrying capacity.  She had found a lot of apparent bargains on Ebay.  A 1996 Bounder just went for $13,000 in Dallas, Texas.  It was written up as being in very good condition.  That is a little far to go to check out a motorhome, but a lot of them on Ebay are in Arizona.  That is not that far to drive to get a super deal on a coach. Take a look at it here:

1996 Bounder On Ebay  I could go for that if I could see it.

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