Wednesday, May 18, 2005

On The Road Again -- Headed For San Diego

Wednesday and we are on our way. We left at 8:19 this morning and are now having breakfast along the coast south of our place. "FINS"!! Oh, sorry for the interruption, but Sharon just spotted dolphins out the front window. There were two, followed by 3 or 4 more. What a great way to start an adventure. The dolphins were just beyond the wave line. They get in nice and close so we get a nice view of them almost every time. The bee problem was still there yesterday afternoon. I had thought they were done for, but I guess I just did not look at the right time. I dropped another bug bomb down into the hive area after they had quit for the day. This time I stapled a piece of cardboard over the opening so none could get out. I left the cardboard there. We will see how effective if was when we get back. Ok, we have a squeal in the air conditioner pump. I checked belt tension and it seemed ok, but I will check it again when we get to the campground in Cardiff tonight. It does not squeal all the time, YET. Time to head south. I will write more later today. We arrive at Cardiff By The Sea at 12:40 p.m. We stopped for 1/2 an hour at a vista point and watched Poky The Dog fall in love with the place. There were lots of squirrels to watch. The really young ones would come within about 3 feet of Poky. He could care less about the ocean view or anything else. They did not have an ocean side campsite so we are on the inland side, but it is only about 1000 yards to the beach. HOWEVER, there is a cliff, and we have to walk down about 10 campsites to get to the beach. Beautiful Beach Here at San Elijo Campground Cardiff Beach We have contacted an online friend we met in an Ebay chat forum. We have know here online for a number of years. When we arrived here in Cardiff, where she lives, we called her. We are going out to dinner with her tonight at a local Mexican restaurant.

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