Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It Is HOT At The Beach

For the last week it has been hot here at the beach.  I’ll bet it must have reached at least the mid 80’s.  We are having the hottest days of the year.  What a heat wave.   Of course, you are probably saying, “HOT?  You should be here”.  OK, it is hot for our area.

To help me get things done, I have a white marker board on the wall just to the right of my desk.  It has the important tasks I need to do written on it.  Although I might be slow at getting some done, they are staring at me all day, every day, so hopefully I will start doing more of them.  In the past I have procrastinated a lot. Both Sharon and I are working hard to overcome putting things off.  It has cost us a lot of time and work in the past.  Things that don’t get done pile up.  

The more organized we can get, the better our chance of going full-timing sooner.  It is a matter of getting our act together to the point we can get rid of a warehouse, make a living on the internet and pull up stakes and move on.

Today, I uploaded another page to the RV Living Magazine website. It is at http://rv-living-magazine.com/rv-insurance.html . To find all of the article we have written you can check out our site map at http://rv-living-magazine.com/site-map.html . 

I think I need to wash the Bounder again.  If I would wash it more often, the job would be easier since we wouldn’t have to deal with streaks off the roof so much.  With a long handled brush, washing is fairly easy.  Another job.  YES!  I did need another job —– NOT!


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