Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TUESDAY! ??? Working And Forgetting

OK, it is Tuesday and I forgot all about the blog yesterday.  I am working and forgetting anything that is not IN MY FACE. Yesterday we got to the warehouse, checked business email and then loaded the truck with some heavy tools we were shipping to a customer.

After running around we got back to work and I never thought about the blog.  Do you get into a groove and cannot see out of it.  Maybe a groove and a rut are the same thing.  I am so focused on making enough money to get by that I loose sight of most other things. 

I envy those of you have already gone full timing and have left the traditional work world behind.  Most of the time I like what we are doing, but at times it really seems to get old doing the same thing day after day.

Can you imagine being on the road full time and just picking up and moving to a new place each time the mood strikes you?  It must be a great feeling to be free of  to travel. 

Maybe you can tell, today I would rather be camping.  Sharon and I still do not see camping any time in the near future.  We are so tied to making a living there just does not seem to be time to enjoy life.


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