Monday, July 25, 2005

Catch 22 Good To Take Off But.....

I feel like I should be working when I take time off.  Yet, you need to take some time off to get away from the situations you are in so you can clear you mind some and get a better perspective of what you are doing.

When I am not here working at something, I feel as if I am missing the time that I just might do just that thing that needs to be done, but when I am here I am often doing things that don’t matter.  For the first time in a long time I am taking care of my body by exercise and limited dieting.  I am solving our box problem and creating space to work in. I am not doing the things that make money for a person in business for themselves.

The full-timing “carrot” dangling in front of me seems farther away at times.  HOWEVER, regardless of anything, Sharon and I are at least daily working at part of the problem of our warehouse clutter and excessive old inventory.  The light at the end of the tunnel is still there. I think we are steadily moving toward that light, but sometimes I wonder if we are on the right track and in the right tunnel.

Our Bounder stabilizer jacks still need to be lubed.  Another task I haven’t gotten around to.  Of course, since we don’t use them regularly I don’t think about them that often.  The Post-It on my monitor kept blowing off in the breeze of the fan behind me, so I moved it to the white marker board over to my right.  I still see it, but not as obvious as it was.  I will lube the jacks this week, I promise.

I like to run our motorhome generator at least once every couple of weeks.  We run it for about 1/2 hour and load it with at least one of the air conditioners.  I think today would be a good day to do that job. I just wrote a Post-It and put it on my monitor to do it.  I also have a Honda 2000 generator.  I keep forgetting to exercise it at least once a month.  Maybe I should make a chart like you see on the doors of business restrooms.  I have to initial it when “maintenance” is done or generators run. 



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