Saturday, June 24, 2006

Baby Shower Today

Today we drove about 60 miles inland to our daughter-in-laws baby shower. Luckily the temperature was not as hot as predicted, about 100, it only got to about 95. 

We just walked Poky The Dog at 5:30 p.m. here in Oxnard and it is pleasantly cool. Sharon said she really needed a light jacket and was a little cold without one.

I think we are spoiled after 7 years here on the coast.  It was this month 7 years ago that we moved here to Ventura County.  We lived a few miles from where we went to the baby shower today.  We were renting and the landlord increased our rent from $875 to $1600.  Sharon and I asked ourselves where we would really like to live. We said, “THE BEACH”. We moved to the city of Ventura a mile from the beach. 

The owner of that property died, the trust sold the property and we had to move again.  This time were moved within 5 houses of the beach and were there for two years.

When business got slow we had to move into the warehouse here in Oxnard.  You know the most recent move.  The good thing about this last move we did not have to move our warehouse too.  Each time before we relocated us and our warehouse.  A huge task.


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