Monday, March 14, 2005

Mar 14, '05 Sunny Day At The Beach

Monday morning and we wake up to the sound of the ocean surf. There is something about RV camping that adds a whole new dimension to the outdoor experience.

There are some tent campers next door, a family of four. When it got dark they were in bed. It is cool at the beach. It is winter and gets dark early. Here we sat in the motorhome with the heater on, electric lights on, running water and the bathroom right here. We had company over, FireDude and Mrs. FireDude, and we sat comfortably and talked.

We are next to the fire pit and picnic table, so we could have sat outside, but as I said, it is cool at the beach. It was fairly warm at Kelly's Beach and being outside until later at night was comfortable. It is different here at the beach.

Sharon and I have bought this motorhome, our first RV, a year ago March 6. We had a pop up tent trailer once, but only used it about three times. This Bounder motorhome is our first real RVing experience. We are so happy we found out about RVing. The quality of our lives is improving month by month because of the motorhome.

It was overcast all day yesterday. Today is a bright clear day. The sun isn't up over the mountains behind us yet, but it should be an absolutely gorgeous day.


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