Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Working Harder -- Paying Off

Sharon and I are working harder and accomplishing more in the last few days. We have changed our way of doing things slightly and it is paying off. We start the day working in the warehouse. In the past we started on our computers and never seemed to get much done.

Making a change in our habits seems to be working. I am game for anything that moves us closer to our goals. We want to go camping. We would like a livable income. Our needs are simple, but they still take dedication and effort.

I am not sure why, but doing things a little differently than normal is leading to bigger changes than we have had in the recent past. I am pleased with the direction we are going. They key to this is to keep making small changes that lead to even greater change.

Remember the car that was recently given too us. I was tuning it up and replacing vacuum hoses etc. and today I had it smogged. It passed. It still runs a little rough, but California says it is legal to drive. Now, I will take it to a mechanic, get rid of the rough idle and sell it. With only the two of us, we do not need 4 vehicles and a motorhome.


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