Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What A Great Weekend

Camping Friday through Monday.  What a great LONG weekend.  That is how every weekend should be 4 days.  It really gives you time to unwind. 

The Bounder ran great all the way.  It took 78 gallons to fill it up. We have a 90 gallon tank.  So we got about 3 or for camping trips on that tank. The close in one and then this one up to Pismo Beach, which is 135 miles from here.

Our next scheduled camping trip will be to Lake San Antonio, California in February.  It is about 210 miles from here.  It is an easy drive.  It is a Friday night through Sunday get together with 15 RV rigs.  We will probably go a day early and then stay along the coast coming home for one or two nights.  It is a long trip for just two nights, so we stay a little extra to make it more worthwhile.


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