Sunday, July 03, 2005

Heading To Bear Valley Springs

It is about 9:30 and within the hour we hope to be heading for my son’s house for the 4th of July celebrations and to see Jessica. It is cool and overcast here by the ocean.  I am guessing it will be clear and hot inland just a little ways. 

Now that the Bounder is running fairly well, we will try to get out for at least day camping at the beach more often.  I need to get the motorhome out so I can figure out if I really have a problem or not.  It runs so quite now that I have the Thorely headers on it, I hear things that I never heard before.  I don’t know what is normal and what is something to look into.

Of course the dieseling needs to be taken care of.  I will try to do the carburetor adjustment myself when we get back in town.  It is a simple screw adjustment from what I saw the mechanic do.


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