Thursday, April 07, 2005

Apr 7, '05 Ready To Rally

RALLY! Last minute details are being taken care of today. Tomorrow morning we head out to the rally at San Dimas. I am really looking forward to this getaway. We have a check list and are checking off the things that need to be done and checking off what goes back into the motorhome.

When we went to two different rallies, I did not have two different computer cables. The check list now helps to remember the important things we want to take along. It is in MS Word format. I should put it into web page format and post it on our site. Some of my items would be different than yours, but you could adjust it to fit your needs.

If you "know us" from, you may know that this is the rally we returned from a yar ago and got to camp on the freeway for 2 or 3 hours. It was hot that day and we were lucky enough to be able to pull under an overpass. Good Sam ERS got us a tow truck, but it took the truck a long time to get there. We just relaxed and watch the big rigs fly by us. Sharon fixed a nice chicken dinner as we waited. I was sure glad we had a cell phone and Good Sam Emergency Road Service. In the whole time we were broke down on the freeway, not a single patrol vehicle or anyone else stopped to see what was wrong. That was fun. REALLY! It was not a bad experience. The only problem with it was being taken by the repair shop that really over charged us.

Time for me to go out and check tire pressure and air bag pressure, check oil, water and brake fluid levels and get the last minute things done. I will post from the rally if our cell phone connection is good.


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