Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tired Of International Help Lines -- RANT

I got a phone installed at home. It only took 6 months to get around to it.  I installed it so I would have a DSL connection at home.  The first day it worked fine and then every day since it would not connect until I fiddled around for way too long.  Today I finally called Verizon DSL customer support.  When the "technician" answered the phone I knew I have been magically transferred to a third world country for support.  The accent was the first clue.  I am tired of international help lines.

This is not the conversation, but is basically the way it went.  I dial and am required to give my phone number before I am connected to a "technician".  The technician answers the phone and asks for my phone number.  UH?  Why did I have to give it to the automated system if the person asks for it again. 

"Hello Mr Hale, how can I help you?"   "Do you have a phone?"  "Are you on the phone right now?"  "Please do not hang up, this will take a while".  "Let me get this clear, you have a phone, is that right Mr. Hale?" "OK, have you dialed customer support?" "Hold on, this may take a while."  Mr. Hale, I understand you have a phone and you have dialed customer support, is that correct?"  "I am sorry for the delay, this may take a while." "I see, you do have a phone"  "Is your phone working................................" ON and ON!  

Back in the real world (but that is basically how my call went), the first answer was to disconnect power to the modem and all wires connected to it.  This was the first procedure.  38 minutes later the INTERNET light came on and I was connected to the internet. The "technician" took credit for "power cycling the modem"  DUH? -- that was 30 minutes ago.  "Thank you Mr. Hale, is there anything else I can help you with today?"

At the end of the "successful" resolution of my problem I asked to talk to a supervisor.  The supervisor was actually a native English speaker who could converse with me intelligently.  I voiced my displeasure with their service.  She told me to avoid the non-native English speakers, I could immediately ask for a supervisor when I called.  Next time, I WILL ask for a supervisor immediately.

So, what is a "technician"?  That is someone who knows nothing about computers and DSL but has a book (on the computer) to flip through the pages and read possible answers from.  Of course if they turn to the wrong page, you will be on the Yellow Brick Road to Never Never Land.

In the past, customer support meant talking to someone in the country you were calling from.  It meant talking to someone with some knowledge subject you were calling about, even if they were reading from a script.  It also meant they understood you and you could understand them.

RANT OVER! (but not forgotten)

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