Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Glad The Bounder Is Parked Here

Blogger was down all day, so my blog is late

It sure is convenient to have our RV parked behind our business. I am very glad the Bounder is parked here.  It means it is loaded and ready to go camping on a moments notice.  I was thinking about people who had to use storage facilities and drive a short or long distance to retrieve their RV and then have to load it when they got home. 

There are a lot of things in life we have to be thankful for.  Many of them are just small things we take for granted and never give a second thought too.  Maybe we should sit down and count the important things in our life. Make it a game to see how many we really have.  It could be that we are each blessed with more than we ever thought.  Our Bounder being parked our back would be one of ours.

Nothing came of our mediation on Sharon’s accident.  Yesterday was just sitting in an office while the lawyers and mediator talked it over.  Neither side wanted to budge much, so we are moving onward with a court trial, but he lawyer thinks they may still mediate it.  We are not asking for a lot of money, just a little more than actual expenses. This is not a BIG MONEY lawsuit.

The weather is remaining overcast.  Yesterday, the sun came out in the late afternoon.  This is the season for this type of cloudy weather.  Although we live at the beach the water is cold for swimming.  Local surfers wear wet suits all year long to help them stay warmer in the water. 

We see a  number of older and smaller RVs parked on our city streets.  Usually they are parked in an industrial area.  A lot of these are “full timers” who move from location to location within the area all year long.  For some this is their only home or hope of having a home.  They are not full timing in the sense we think of.  They are not traveling the country seeing the sights, they are surviving the best way they know how.



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