Saturday, February 26, 2005

Feb 26, '05 Another Rally --- HMMMmmmmm!!

I installed Windoze Service Pack 2 on my XP based computer. What a nightmare. I uninstalled it and am still having problems. I can not access SHTML pages. Another problem to solve. Maybe I will try Fire Fox as my browser. It locked me out of one of my favorite programs last time I installed it.

A lot of people in and other places say FireFox is a superior browser to Internet Explorer. They say it is a lot faster and better in many ways.

You can transfer your bookmarks or favorites from IE to FireFox easily. Bookmarks are easier to organize in FireFox. I like that feature.

If you would like to try FireFox go to Download FireFox Here It is a FREE program. If you want more information on it go to the forum and do a search for FireFox. You may have to go back more than the normal 14 days.

OK, I just downloaded it and it is now installed. When I tried to load a FLASH page it asked me download the Macromedia plug in I did. No problems. All my other software is working fine. Another download I wanted was the Google Toolbar, but it is not compatible with FireFox. However, there is a Google style tool bar you can install and it works almost the same. I got the tool bar at Download FireFox Compatible Google Style Toolbar Here

Sharon and I are thinking about going to another rally in two weeks. This last rally was a much needed break from our routine. Maybe another one this soon would be worth more than the cost. The last one was $403 in gas and camping. This one is a little farther and would be about the same amount. HMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!??? We will decide this weekend.

HMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm indeed!


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