Friday, July 08, 2005

It Is Good To Be Back To Work

I never used to say that when I worked for a "real boss", when I had a "real job".  Now that I work for myself, work is easier to get back to.  I don't mind the warehouse work.  I don't mind long hours and low pay when times are slow.  It is a totally different outlook for Sharon and I.  We have thrived working for ourselves.  I have never made more money and I have never made less money -- due to the ups and downs of our business. 

Sharon and I work together 24/7.  We are side by side all day long.  We are only apart when Sharon does errands.  Guess what?  We love it this way.  I think this will make it easy for us to go full-timing.  Being close in an RV won't phase us as we are already used to being close.

August 12th we will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.  We are still in love and still best friends.  Of all the traits in a relationship that make it work, I think being best friends is the key to it all.  Sex, love, legal commitment and such are all a part of it, but being with your best friend and wanting to be with your best friend over other things makes it work.  Can you imagine full timing with your best friend?  What an adventure you could have. 

All of my Earthlink email problems are solved.  Because of my business and the way I like to do email, I have nine folders on my computer desktop (screen) that each open an email account.  In those different accounts are about 30 different email addresses.  A lot of those addresses are throw away addresses.  I subscribe to newsletters with them and if I start getting too much spam I just close the address and open a new one for the newsletters I am still interested in reading.  Because I only have a few places e-mailing to each address, it is easy to isolate spam sources.

No, I don't have to check mail 30 times to see it all. I do have to check mail 9 times.  Each folder checks email for all email addresses within that folder.  I am getting ready to combine some of those folders again and only have 3 or 4 folders.  I use the free version of Eudora for my email. It offers a lot of features that make my email life easier.

I think next week calls for another day trip to the beach in the Bounder.  Get up early and stay late.  These day camping trips work wonders for our attitude and we actually get “work” done when we go.  Part of our process for getting ahead is listening to motivational tapes and CD’s.  There is only so much staring at the water and walking on the beach you can do.  Having the motivations tapes helps make the day better for us.  We primarily listen to three people; Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn. 


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