Friday, August 11, 2006

Motorhome Blues

Here we are working away and singing the motorhome blues.  The Bounder is not moving and has no prospects of moving until we get ahead a little.  This “paycheck to paycheck” living has got to cease.  OK, we do not get a real paycheck, but you get the idea.  We have all the potential to move ahead, it is just taking time. 

Our weather is overcast today.  I would call it a marine layer (high fog) as opposed to clouds you associate with rain.  This is what keeps our coast cool even in the heat of summer.  We are so glad we moved here to the coast.

We just got our electric bill for the warehouse.  The bill went up from $77 to $93 because of all of the fans we are using all day long.  I told you before this building holds heat forever.  It was probably in the 60s this morning and the warehouse was 77 degrees when we came in,  The airport temperature about 4 miles from here is 72 degrees right now, 10 a.m. 

There is not a lot of time in a day it seems.  The more time we use the more we need.  YET, we waste a lot of time that could become the answer to our situation.

As I told you we have once again thought of getting out of this warehouse.  There is no way we could sell all of this off on Ebay piece by piece.  It will take major efforts to deplete the inventory and move on.

Our idea is to get back into internet marketing.  Since we had to pay the house rent in addition to the warehouse rent we have been neglecting our IM efforts.  It is time to start increasing our website incomes by adding content to our websites and doing the incidental maintenance things that make a website profitable.


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