Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Realizing That We Need To Change

“The more things change the more they stay the same”  Today I was up at 5:00 A.M. reading one of my internet marketing books.  Later when Sharon got up we started talking about how things need to change in our lives.  Although things are changing, we are still where we were a year ago and 3 years ago.  Yes, some things have changed, but our basic lifestyle and business are just what they have been for a long time.  

We need to break out of whatever rut, cycle or process we are in and create something new. 

Have you heard the saying, “If you do what you have done you will get what you got”?  That is us. We are doing what we have always done and we are getting what we always got.  We are making it, but barely.  We are doing OK, but not good.  We live at a level less than what we would like to.

Sharon and I have not been camping since May.  All of our time and energy is devoted to getting by instead of having a life.  There is definitely something wrong with that picture.  

I think it is time for us to make some massive changes in our lives.  It is time to come up with a plan of action and to follow through with it until we have achieved a new level of thinking and acting. 

The weather is warm and beautiful. Here we sit in our warehouse struggling to get the bills paid.  HOWEVER, when we really need more income we can generate it, we just do not keep up the process beyond what is needed. 

Remember when we got turned in to the city for living in our warehouse.  We rented a place to lived increased our monthly income by $800 to cover that added expense. That was six months ago and we are still covering that added expenditure.  The problem is we did not continue to the next level and increase our earnings even more so we could feel comfortable taking time off and enjoying life.

I think we are in a rut and a rut is nothing more than a grave with both ends knocked out. It is time we walk out one of those ends and begin to live the life we dream of.


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