Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Packing For San Diego Midway Rally

First thing this morning I am taking the Bounder back the shop to get the head bolts re-torqued.  Also complain about the dip stick tube they put in.  It is shorter than the original and is not tied down. It wiggles all over the place.  Since it was shorter they put someone else's used, beat up dip stick in place of mine.  It is very difficult to get the dip stick out and it is even more difficult to put it back in.   At least it does not affect operation, EXCEPT, I am skeptical of the oil level reading it is giving me.  It says I need to add a quart of oil.  The Bounder does not use that much oil.

After I get back from the mechanics and Sharon gets back from a routine doctors appointment we will get the Bounder packed up and ready to head for San Diego as early as possible Wednesday morning — well, before 8:00 anyway.  We will hit a lot of Los Angeles morning traffic, but that is the price we pay for having fun.

I started this before 7:00 this morning and it is 10:30 now.  The Bounder is ready to go.  Heads retorqued, oil tube tightened down and parking brake adjusted.  I did not tell you that I had no parking brake in the motorhome.  Another relief.  The parking brake had a bent cable bracket and needed adjusting.

Our first stop on our trip will be in or near Cardiff.  We have an internet friend there we have contacted and will visit with her for the day and go out for Mexican food at one of her favorite places. Thursday morning we will head for our day at Sea World.  That evening we will be at the rally campground and have a great time with about 20+ others in 13 rigs (I think that is how many). The campground is the Chula Vista RV Resort.

On the bee front we have only seen a half a dozen stragglers yesterday and none today so far.  I hope that problem is solved and we do not have a bunch buzzing around when we return from our trip.


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