Friday, April 22, 2005

Slow Getting Started Again

We are back home and I am slow to getting going.  There are a hundred things to do, but I can not seem to get started on the first one.  Do you ever have that problem? I need a plan.

There were so many pictures yesterday that I did not post my other granddaughter’s picture.  Amanda is a little cutey, but I do not get a lot of pictures of her smiling.

Taken at dinner when we visited

HEY!  I just got my VERY FIRST paid picture order.  A woman saw one of my pictures of the Kinetic Sculpture Race and wanted to publish it in “Eccentric California”.  I am only getting $20, but you have to start somewhere. This is an e-mailed pictures, not a paper copy.  Small beginnings have often led to greater things. 


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