Sunday, July 31, 2005

HOORAY! Garage Job Finished

YEA HAW!  The garage box job is done. We have gone front to rear and organized, disposed of the labeled every box in garage number 1.  This garage was front to rear, side to side piled with boxes at least 5 feet high and often to the 8 foot ceiling along the walls.  There is now room down the center of the garage to park our Nissan Frontier pickup truck if we wanted to.  Yes, I measured. 

This is only the beginning of that job in that garage.  This trip through was to find out what we had and get an idea of what it would take to dispose of it all.  It was an eye opener.  All  the junk we have and actually how much space we were able to make when we went in and did the job.

Isn’t it amazing how many things in life are a lot easier once we decide to, “Just do it”.  We put off tasks. We procrastinate until the cows come home.  We do everything we can not to do something and then we do it and WOW! that sure was easy and didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Do you have this experience too? 

Can this be applied to our goals, such as going full-timing or buying an RV or anything that is important in our lives?  Are we stopped by monumental tasks and decisions that really are just monumental in our imaginations?  Do we NOT do things because we don’t have time?  Is that really true or is it that we just don’t make the time? 

I do not regret my life up until now.  I do wonder how much more I would have gotten out of life if only I had applied myself back then as much as I applied myself to this job.  How much more camping time would we have had in the last year is I has really decided to do it.  HMmmmmmmmm!  Makes you think a little, doesn’t it? 

On camping, it is on hold for the next two weeks. Our county fair comes to town this week. It starts on the third and we will go opening day. Entrance is a dollar a person that day.  Then on the fifth Teri Clarke is in concert.  On the eighth Lone Star is performing and then on the ninth Mel Tillis is putting on a show.  Country is our favorite music and we try to see each country star who performs at the fair, plus any others we might like to hear.  All concerts are free at our county fair.  The price of admission to the fair is all you pay.  For Sharon entry is $7 and for senior me, $4 on regular days.



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