Friday, February 16, 2007

Bob & Sharon Saga Continues

OH MY! This weekend is the SAL rally at Lake San Antonio. We are missing it. Things need to radically change in our lives so we can get back to camping on a regular basis.

The "Bob& Sharon Saga" continues. Life sure can get in the way of plans. As you know our landlord is selling our rental house. Tuesday night she called and said that she is having an open house this Sunday. That is very upsetting. We live in a good to fair all the way down to poor neighbor hood. I do not want the gang bangers and druggies in the apartments at the end of the block to have free access to my home. An open house means anyone in the neighborhood can come check out what we have in our house.

I was going to stay in the house until it sold. Today I am going to give the landlord our 30 day notice. I will not stay there to have people regularly come into my home and check out my cupboards and closets and see what I have. The owner selling it herself. They say FOR SALE BY OWNER means most lookers are just that, "lookers".With a "for sale by owner" home the prospective buyers are in no way prescreened as a Realtor usually does.

This is so upsetting that I arranged a loan on our 2004 Nissan truck. We do not have credit and it surprised me that we qualified. The money will be our first and last on a new place to live. This will be our first new credit since 1995. I do not want it, but I want out of that house even more.

A good thing is that we will begin establishing credit again. People do credit checks for rentals or many other things, so credit is slightly important in this day and age. I think we will get a secured credit card in a month or so and use it to develop more credit.

"Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage." Napoleon Hill. All we have to do is look for that benefit. I think this latest situation will ultimately work for our good.


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