Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday And We Took The Day Off

The blog is really late today.  We took the day off.  It started out printing pictures to enter in the county fair.  Then we had to go buy mat boards to mount them on.  Next a fifteen mile drive to submit them at the fair grounds.  I’ll show you an pictures that get a ribbon or mention.  Our county fair starts August 3. 

After dropping of the pictures we drove over to Ventura Harbor and walked along watch people, boats and listening to music played by a couple bands along the “board walk” —— well cement walkway.  Of course we had to go into a few stores to look at all the stuff a full-time wannabe shouldn’t be looking at.  What a good excuse not to buy anything.  We need to get rid of stuff not add stuff.

The tall ship that went aground and was taken to Ventrua Harbor for evaluation wasn’t there in the dry dock any longer.  They must have patched all the holes and taken her back down to San Pedro in the Los Angeles Harbor for actual repairs and re-fitting.  One of the pictures I entered in the fair was of the Irving Johnson on the beach the day she got towed off.

It was nice not working for a day even though we were in town.  Usually if we are here we work.  I also didn’t exercise this morning.  It was a total day off.  This is only 4 days out of 28 I haven’t exercised.  I keep a record on the calendar above my desk.

Procrastination!  What a killer of many things.  The pictures I submitted today should have been ready to go weeks ago.  I waited until the last day to submit them, but not only submit them, work on them at all.  I was telling Sharon that is my biggest (our biggest) problem. We are not doing the things we need to in order to move forward in our plans for full-timing.  We are working, but not making the money we should. We do lower priority jobs than we should be and do not do the really important things. 




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