Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jan 2, '05 Day Two

It is 7:15 Sunday morning. I wish I was still camping, but we have things to do today.

Since we are back, we will go to the Farmer's Market at Oxnard Harbor. Get some fresh vegetables, some cat grass for our cats, and some fresh strawberries grown locally. Oxnard has a 12 month growing season. Winter strawberries are sometimes sweeter than summer ones.

We have to be about 30-40 miles to Simi, Calif. by noon. We are in a drawing for $1000. We won this chance on the radio. Along with qualifying for the $1000 we got a set of CDs of Reba McIntire's first season of her sitcom. Here is what we are getting. This time my wife was the winner.

Our last drawing in Simi we won a 2004 Chevy Cavlier car. A dealership, William L Morris, was celebrating their 75 anniversary by giving away a car a month for one year. We got car number 6. This one wan't a radio contest, but we heard about it on our local country radio statio, KHAY.

We win a lot on radio contests. Check it out at Wish us luck winning this one.


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