Friday, February 17, 2006

Camping At Lake San Antonio

Today we are at Lake San Antonio camping in our motorhome.  There will be 15 other motorhomes and trailers in our group.  These rallies are always fun events.  We also have one scheduled for next month and the month after

We stopped along the coast this morning for breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning at the beach.  A walk on the beach it just the right way to start the day.

About 25 miles from the campground we hit torrential rain.  It was really a heavy downpour, but as we drove up into the mountains we saw blue sky up ahead.  The closer we got the clearer it was.  The sun is shining right now and we have partial overcast skies.

The Bounder runs great now.  All of our major problems seem to be in the past now.  The Thorley headers we had put on sure add power on the hills and grades.  I no longer have to down shift on grades we had to in the past.

Regardless of the weather, we will be dry.  One, we are in the motorhome and our group activities are in the campground recreation room.  The rec room is directly across the street from us. We are in the group campground area and have full hookups.


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