Friday, February 23, 2007

Real Life Problems And Solutions

Sharon and I are working through a number of situations that have come up in our lives. These are real life problems and solutions are part of what this blog is about.

I know this is an RV site, but have have not been out in our RV for almost a year. There is not a lot to write about in RVing.

We are looking for alternative income opportunities on the internet. This is more about what this blog has become. I am looking for answers for Sharon and I, but if we find answers, you may see answers in what we are doing also.

How many of you have at least looked into selling on Ebay? Have any of you created a website, just to see how to do it?

Maybe something I have said has inspired you to take some action in your life that helps you change in some small or even major way.

Writing about our situations may give hope to someone else struggling to overcome something in their life. I hope so. I am candid about our lives, our problems and our successes. I hope that opens Sharon's and my eyes more by seeing our life in print. I hope it helps you too.


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