Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bobby Vinton At The Fair

We went to the fair again yesterday to see Bobby Vinton.  WOW!  He is still going strong and was born in 1935.  Sharon and I saw him back in the 70’s at Magic Mountain amusement park in Valencia, California.  He was good then and he is still good.

Have you ever seen the disk you put in water with Calgon water softener.  It dissolves tarnish on silver and cleans other metals and jewelry.  I have heard they advertise it on infomercials. It is demonstrated at fairs.  After years of seeing them at the fair, we bought one yesterday.  We have a fair amount of silver to clean, so it seemed like a good investment.  It cost $21.50 including tax for a 6 3/4” round disk. 

Between the time it takes to polish a larger piece of silver and the cost of the silver polish, I think this “lasts forever” disk will be worth the money and actually save us money.  OH, the silver we have to clean will be sold on Ebay, so we will make money from the bright shiny silverware, bowls and other silver pieces we have.

Our business needs more things that save time and uses time more efficiently.  If we could become more time conscious and use time as if it were the valuable commodity it really is, we would probably make a lot more money than we do today.  We are still not as organized as we need to be, but we are getting better.


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