Friday, July 22, 2005

Progress And More Progress

I am finally feeling very good about the progress we are making in going through all this STUFF.  Before we started, it seemed like an insurmountable task.  Now that we are well into going through all the boxes of junk it seems like we will make it through them a lot quicker than I thought.  Remember, we literally had over 2000 boxes of personal and business stuff.

As I've told you our business in in a agricultural packing house area.  The fork lifts they use to unload trucks and move produce are big enough to hold 6 wooden pallets across and two pallets deep.  These forklifts drive up to a truck load of celery and unload a whole flatbed section at one time. We saw a forklift with 24 gaylords of red bell peppers yesterday. A gaylord is a big box about 4 feet square and four feet high. 

New computer problem.  My DSL order with Verizon was canceled.  It seems that Earthlink closed my account but they didn't release the DSL line they use, so no one else can use it either. I have to wait until it is released before Verizon can connect their DSL.  Today I will call for a dial up account to use until this gets straightened out. Talking to people doesn't help.  They say it was done by a computer.  Aren't computers fun?

I still need to lube the motorhome stabilizers.  If I don't write something I need to down on paper, it just slips my mind forever and never gets done.  OK, I just wrote it down on a Post-It note and stuck it on my computer monitor.  Maybe I'll get it done this weekend.


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