Tuesday, June 07, 2005

OK, Late Again! My Mind Spins And I Forget

I was all ready to start the blog this morning and then come back to it this afternoon.  CRS (can’t remember stuff) stuck again.  Today we had to get our 1991 Chevy Caprice smogged, so we took it for a drive first. I have heard that a car smogs better if it is warmed up with a drive first. 

Well, our round trip drive was 94 miles and a few hours.  We drove up the coast, stopping here and there along the way.  When we reached Santa Barbara, we stopped in a park along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. 

Santa Barbara Park
Santa Barbara Park

There are hundreds of squirrels living there.  Poky was in heaven watching them.  Lots of them were babies out running around. 

When the camera was ready 1/2 had left
Squirrels In The Park

After the park, it was lunch time so we stopped at Taco Bell a couple miles up the road, but got take out and went back to the same park to eat.  Although it is June, it is cool on the coast.  I always prefer to sit in the shade, but even I got a little cool sitting there in the breeze.

Hard Life For A Squirrel
Exellent View

The car smogged with no problem, so Sharon is off to AAA to get the new car tags and some maps.  Since we have 4 vehicles to drive around town, I think it is about time to sell the Caprice.  It only has 49,000 miles on it.  Not much for a 1991 car, but it was my parents and they did not drive a lot in their late 80’s and 90’s when the car was younger. Of those miles I put on 10,000 in the last two years. 

I had to change the title of 3 of my pages in RV Living Magazine.  I had, “Ebay” in the name of the page your search for. That is against the rules with Ebay.  I can talk about Ebay on the pages, but the page URL or address can not have Ebay in it.  The new pages are now:
Online Auctions
Selling In Auctions
Items To Sell Online

Luckily I was reading a forum that mentioned the rule Ebay has about using their name in the URL of any page you create.  I would hate to lose my Ebay account for breaking a rule I should have read in their terms of service or TOS.

Along the beach and near the Santa Barbara pier, there were quite a few motorhome parked, spending the day by the beach.  Santa Barbara passed a law about motorhomes parked on the streets at night, but you can legally park anywhere during the day.  Well, anywhere it is legal to park. 


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