Friday, July 15, 2005

Losing Weight! HEY! HEY! HEY!

All of this exercise is paying off.  My pants are falling off my hips and my belt has moved in one notch.  I am still not really changing my diet enough. I mean the 3 Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday didn’t help.  The big BBQ tri-tip sandwiches we got twice this week don’t help either.  I am losing weight, but more than that I think I am changing some of the fat into muscle.

I told you how cool it is here while the rest of the country is hot. That is a blessing, but it is a slight problem too.  I want to clean the motorhome carpet.  On a hot day elsewhere the carpet would dry in a day.  Here it will probably take longer.  We need to go camping inland a littlelater this month so we can clean the carpet and expect it to be dry quickly.  We have one of those small Bissel carpet cleaners.

There is another project I need to get back to.  That is re-caulking the rest of the windows in the Bounder.  While the weather is good and we don’t have rain would be the ideal time.  I bought the caulking tubes at Camping World to do it.  There are so many jobs I put off that could easily be done in some of the time I DO NOTHING.  Do you have a lot of do nothing time too? 

We do not watch TV, so that is not a problem, but I sure find other “do nothing” things that don’t contribute to my betterment.  Needless surfing the net, or playing online games.  Normally I don’t play games anymore, but Sharon found a Majong site and got me hooked again.  We could better spend our time reading a good novel or talking to each other or taking a walk or a drive.  We need more quality down time instead of do nothing down time.

Our weather stays cool partial due to the fog.  We do not get a lot of dense low fog, it is mostly high or fairly thin.  In five years at the beach I have not been in thick fog that made driving difficult.  The interesting thing about our fog it that on nights that we have high fog, the warehouse yard is bright as if there were a full moon.  On nights there is no fog it is very dark back there.  The city lights reflect off of the high fog and brighten up the world.

Of course the fog does make the hills pretty too
Fog On Hills


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