Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jan 13, '05 Leaking Windows

Hooray! This morning I finally uploaded my leaking RV windows page. I finished it last night. I can now appreciate writers and their deadlines. You will find the article at LEAKING RV WINDOWS

Today I need to clean up some files on my computer. I have pictures where they should not be. This site's backup files are mixed up with other files. I have not backed up my computer files this week. HEY! Do you backup your pictures and data regularly. It is not IF your computer or hard drive will crash, it is WHEN. You do not need to back up programs, just pictures and data you create.

Since we are here at the warehouse all the time and the motorhome is parked out back, we eat dinner in the motor home every night. Sharon does all of her cooking and baking in the motorhome. Last night she baked cookies after dinner.

Because we decided to go full timing, we gave our double wide refrigerator to my son when he moved into a mobile home late last year. We only use the motorhome refrigerator now. Well, I do have one of those tiny office refrigerators here in the warehouse to keep drinks cool.

This is part of our plan to prepare us to go full-timing in an RV. It is a little scary and exciting at the same time. Other than this warehouse full of stuff we have nothing to tie us to a stick and mortar home. Full-timing just makes sense to us.


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