Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Shurflo Water Pump

Today we drove down to Los Angeles to a monthly HAM radio swapmeet and got a few small things I wanted.  Red and black wire for the Bounder, some connectors to hook up a better system for charging some batteries I have.  Some stationary supplies.

Next stop was Camping World where we got a new Shurflo water pump which I will install tomorrow.  Our step mats are getting very ratty looking, so we got an new pair of them.  We needed a short water hose so we got a 4 foot one. It goes from the campground faucet to our home style water filter.

Sharon walked down an isle and saw a woman she used to work with.  It has been about 8 years since she had seen her.  They now own a motorhome too. 

Next we drove up the canyon where we used to live.  The canyon road was severely damaged during last year’s winter rains.  They completely rerouted the road.  It apparently was not worth repairing and having it washed out again. The moved the road from the bottom of the canyon up onto the hills.

After that we drove over to my son’s house and visited with him, his wife and our granddaughter.  What a fun day capped off with a great visit.


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