Monday, February 27, 2006

Motorhome Got Washed

Well, the motorhome got washed late yesterday afternoon and today it is pouring rain here.  We are in for the worst rain of the season.  This will cause a lot of problems, but luckily we are in an area that doesn’t have rain problems.  We don’t get flooding, falling trees or other calamities.

Sharon has two more boxes of stuff to take out of the Bounder.  I still have not looked into what I can remove from the basement compartments.  I know we will get rid of at least 100 pounds of  “stuff” if not more.  I carry tools boxes in case of a breakdown or other needed work while on the road.  I know I do not need all the tools I carry. 

20 pounds here and 3 pounds there and it all adds up to lowered gas mileage.  PLUS!  We are always congested inside the RV when we set up our campsite.  Things get put on the bed while traveling and moved to the front at night.  It gets very cluttered.  We really need a way to overcome this messy way of doing things.  Getting rid of things we always carry is one way.

We were planning on going camping this coming weekend. With the rain that plan is now up in the air.  It will depend on the weather toward the end of the week.  I do not mind camping in the rain, but I prefer dry weather so we can have campfires and spend more time outside. 

I hope this California storm system leaves completely by two weeks from now.  That is when the Kelly’s Beach Rally is and that would be less fun in the rain.  They have a large outdoor gazebo they can drop canvas wall down and protect us from the rain, but I still hope for clear weather. 

Driving in the rain never bothered me much, however I prefer not to if I do not have to.  It is not my driving I worry about, it is all the idiots on the road that concern me.  They do 80 in the rain and tailgate.  Many are prone to fast lane changes with poor visibility.  SCARY! 



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