Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Need Better Use Of My Time

It never fails to amaze me how little time there is and yet we have “all the time in the world” I need to make better use of my time. I spend too much time doing “important” things that are NOT as important as other things I should be doing. I really need to prioritize my time so I can spend time here and there, but devote most of my time to what is important to achieving our goal of going full time in the Bounder.

Do you find yourself wondering where the time has gone? Then do you look back and think that it is gone but it just went by without your noticing? Maybe there should be a course in school on effective use of time.

I am working on website development, but not enough. I keep telling Sharon it is time to start selling hot and heavy on Ebay, but am slow to get started. I spend too much time reading, but don’t immediately apply what I read. This applies to motivational reading, reading about website development and most recently learning more about selling on Ebay. I have fantastic tools, but I am not using them.

OK, today I will write at least one more page for RV Living Magazine. I will write pages for other websites I have also. The best way to overcome inactivity is to get active, so here I go!

Yesterday I wrote my three daily blogs and two pages for another website. I am reluctant to put my other links in here for you. The search engines penalize people who “uses excessive cross linking” or cross link their websites. This means if I put the address of other sites in here, there is a chance I could be penalized for doing so. The reason for this is sort of technical, but boils down to the concept of spamming. The bad guys use excessive links to their own page in hopes of getting better listing in search engines. Good listings mean more money for them. There is a lot to learn about search engines and making money on the internet.

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