Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's Raining! Caulk Your RV

We had torrential down pours yesterday. This is the first real rain we have had since early this year. Southern California does not get that much rain, but when it does rain, we often get a lot. So, this reminds me that I still haven't caulked the rest of my windows. I really need to get out to the Bounder and finish all caulking of windows, compartment doors and maybe the roof. Have you read my article on Leaking RV Windows? It is lot better to do preventive maintenance than it is to clean up water and try to solve water stains.

I hope this storm system is gone by Thursday morning.  I really do not like driving in the rain.  Actually, I don’t mind driving in the rain. what I mind is the idiots around me driving in the rain.  Last night we were eating dinner in the Bounder and, “THUNK!”. Sharon said that is was an accident out on the street, so we ran out to check if any help was needed. 

The accident was caused by a car pulling onto the main road from a side street, right in front of oncoming traffic. No one was hurt, but as the driver of the car on the main road was calling to report an accident, the guy whose fault it was got into his car and took off.  Luckily I had a pen in my pocket and wrote his license plate number on my hand.  AND this is why I do not like driving in the rain that much —— IDIOTS!

Last night I printed up our “check list” for preparing to travel in the motorhome.  Sharon has begun checking off items.  Here is our check list; RV Packing Check List. We find it very important to have this list.  It insures we don’t forget some important things.  It makes sure we put things back into the motorhome that we took out.



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