Thursday, September 15, 2005

Making Money On The Internet

Today we get the Bounder smogged. I hope it passes with no problems.  When that is done we will go camping at Emma Woods State Beach for one night.  We have a little  firewood packed, however there is still a ton of driftwood on the beach, so I will attack it with my electric chain saw and have a more for a longer evening.  If the wind isn’t blowing, sitting by the campfire and listening to the waves is very relaxing.  If the wind is blowing it is a bit chilly.

Blogger finally solved their problem that was giving me the huge white space at the top of the blog.  The “improved” their blog software and messed up a lot of people.

“OK, Monday I will give you the top 4 courses I have purchased and my opinion of each of them.  I have purchased  at least a dozen different programs, some of which I haven’t studied yet.  I am trying to distill the best of them into what I am doing.  My purpose in website development is to generate an income for full-timing. I do not want to workcamp when we go full-timing. I also don’t want to worry about  gas prices or how we will cover a major repair job.  I sincerely believe this is very possible with online websites where you don’t ever handle a product.”

Yes, I am a little slow.  Life seems to get in my way at times and I don’t get things done when I expect to.

Each of the following courses and programs teaches you how to generate income by creating a website and being paid for the advertising you put on the website.  You get companies, large and small, who put ads on your pages.  You are paid when someone just clicks on an ad or when someone buys a product after clicking on one of your ads.  This is called affiliate marketing. 

OK, as an example, I have Camping World as one of the advertisers on my site.  So far this month I have made $7.72 in commissions at CW.  WOW! BIG DEAL!! $7.72!  That is 1/2 a month so $15.44 a month or $185.28 a year.  AND this is just the start for that advertiser.  As time goes by and I ad more pages to the site and the site gets more visitors each month the income will rise.  Add this to other advertisers and slowly I am increasing my income.  I truly believe we will hit $3000 a month within a year.  That is enough for me to comfortably go full timing.

Finding the advertisers is very simple and is explained in each course.

If you are a beginner and want to create a website, but know nothing about how to go about it, Site Build It is for you.  It take the technical part out of building and making money on a website.  This is by far the easiest program I have purchased.  In addition to the simplicity of building sites, it have some fantastic tools for you to use to get the best site you are cable of and to make the most money off of it.  The great thing is that it automates what you are doing.  Get this free how to manual.  You can do it without buying their system.  Get your copy at Site Build It Free Manual

One of  the next programs I bought was James Martell’s Course.  This course is a more hands on course, but is still aimed at fairly easy website building using Frontpage as the main program for building your website. It does not require Frontpage if you know how to build pages in other programs, but its main direction is to build pages in Frontpage.  It is an easy read with fairly good instructions. Check it out at James Martell

Next I purchased Corey Rudl’s course. Corey was killed in an auto accident this year, but his company continues on. This course is very good and very detailed in all aspects of developing your online business.  I am very impressed with  this course. It is not a fast read and will take you time to get through the two binders of information he offers.  This course requires you  to have more patience as you “learn the ropes”.  You will get started more quickly with the previous two courses, but you won’t have a detailed knowledge as with Corey’s course  Corey Rudl's Course  Corey is more hard sell on his site, but his material is excellent.  Unlike the others, he sends you hard copies of his manuals and CDs

The next course I purchased is Rosalind Gardners’s course.  She has done an excellent job of showing you how to build an online business. I am 2/3 of the way through reading her material.  I think I would buy her course before I  would buy the James Martell course.  She offers better examples and is easier to understand. You can check out her material at Rosalind Gardner  I really like the way she writes and the information she offers.

I have other courses that I have purchased and will start reading in the very near future.  I am convince that to make the kind of living I’d like to on the internet, the more information and different points of view I have the easier it will be for me to succeed.  I need to total it up but I am guessing that I have spend well over $1000 on internet courses and subscription services.  I feel this is an investment in my future.

I bought each course I have because every one is improving my knowledge. It is like taking a group of college course that all tie together.  The difference here is when you “graduate”, your diploma is in the form of MONEY instead of a sheepskin.


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