Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have CRS -- Can't Remember Stuff

Forgetting What I Am Doing is getting to be a habit. I get going on something, get distracted and that is it. It takes me forever to get back to what I was doing. I was about to write the blog this morning and then got sidetracked and forgot.

It is 7:35 p.m. and here I am. This seem to be happening too often.

I really need to focus on a project and not move onto something else until what I am doing at the moment is finished.

Today we were given four tickets to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. I know we cannot go, so we will sell the tickets on Ebay. They get $50 to $80 for 4 tickets.

We have been to the movies a few time lately. We got compliments of the local radio station. We win them on the radio and we win them at "road shows" or events the station is a sponsor at. I think I have told you in the past that we love radio contests. We win quite a bit on them. We do not win at the lottery, but then we do not play it either.

That reminds me of the young woman who was so broke she would pray each night to win the lottery. As here finances got worse and she lost her job, she prayed more fervently to win the lottery. One night after her prayer to win, a boom voice came out of nowhere saying, "Girl, you have to buy a ticket".

Ha Ha! With that I think I will post this then head for home.


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