Monday, June 13, 2005

Making Money While RVing

Sharon and I have no retirement. She worked a part time job as a teacher’s aid for 18 years and I worked for a company that downsized me after 20 years. This means that we will have to work on into our later years, which is fine. Full-time RVing lends itself to many types of work. Being camp hosts or workamping is an option. Working in National Park stores and services during the tourist season. If you will full-time in your RV, these are things your will have to think about if you do not have the ongoing income to support your new lifestyle.

When we go full-timing Sharon and I have decided that for us to travel the country and see as much of it as possible while we are still younger and healthier means we do not want to be stuck in one location for weeks or months at a time. We need a way to generate income on the move.

I discovered internet marketing years ago, but other than selling one Ebay, I never pursued it very far. I dabble here and there but didn’t get serious. We have three articles on selling on Ebay. One is at Making Money On Ebay and the left column has links to the others. Ebay is a good alternative to making money on the road. It can be done out of an RV.

Now, we have motivation and reason to make a better income that will make travel without commitment to one place possible. Creating web pages and selling advertising on them is a very viable form of work for those in RV’s. It only takes a computer, an internet connection and knowledge.

To this point I have three recommendations for gaining the knowledge you would need to learn to build profitable websites even if you know nothing about doing it at the moment.

The first is a program I joined that automates the building process. This program is excellent if you know nothing about the coding language, HTML, which is used to build every web page you see. This program is called SBI and it is an excellent learning platform. It gives you research tools, a private forum to ask questions in and support that is better than most programs. Everything you need is in one place so you do not have to search the web for various tools to succeed. The great thing about this program is you can read the manual and do it yourself without joining the SBI group. I think the program is worth the money for a beginner but if you’d like to read the manual and try it on your own you can get it at Free Website Building Manual

Tomorrow I will introduce you to my next recommendation for those who want something that they create on their own. These will be very good instructions and techniques to succeed, but with less handholding.


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