Thursday, August 11, 2005

Maybe Donuts Have Done Their Deed

I am at 213 pound this morning. Maybe those mini-donuts did their job.  That is up from 210.5.  I believe it doesn’t matter.  I am back on track with exercise and am eating what I was before the fair and all the eating out.  I believe the eating out is the downfall of my weight loss efforts.  NO, I cannot order salads when I am out.  NO WAY!  Junk food is the way to go. 

Today I did my 30 minutes and 9 miles on the exercise bike.  When we go full-timing, bicycles will be the primary exercise Sharon and I get.  Hopefully then it will be on forest roads and in beautiful places most of the time. 

Next week I think I will buy the rear brake pads for the Bounder and get that brake job done this month.  I am glad the rear brakes are pads instead of drums.  It makes the job easier in my opinion.

Did you know that Costco sells tickets?  I didn’t. Sharon told me we could get a 10% discount on the aquarium tickets through AAA (auto club) but we could get a 20% discount at Costco.  I wonder what other ticket offers they have.  It sure would be nice if they had camping reservations at a discount.  Anyway, we are going to Costco today. I think I will skip the $1.50 hot dog and drink lunch, even though they are excellent — best dogs in town.

When we are out today, I am going to be on the lookout for a place to fly the glider I bought.  Even a little knoll might be adequate to launch it.  I also seem to recall a rubber band launch method.  Years ago I recall seeing a glider launched using a LONG rubber band. It might have been fifty feet when stretched out.  It has been 20 years or so since I saw it, so I’m not sure. I guess I could call a hobby shop and find out.

OH! Did I say the days off were done.  WELL, not quite. In addition to going to the aquarium tomorrow for our 39th wedding anniversary, we have ticket to Universal Studios what we have to use before Labor Day.  So, we will probably go to Universal this month.

Yesterday I forgot to put the picture of me in the Porta-Boat in the blog.  We really recommend the Porta-Bote. We started with a 10 foot Bote and then got the 12 foot one.  We gave the 10 footer to my son in Bear Valley Springs, Jessica’s Dad.  The Porta-Bote is easy to row, it just glides through the water. We have used a trolling motor and it cruises right along.  The 4 HP motor makes getting places faster.

I removed the picture……….I forgot that I forgot to change the picture yesterday. I posted it, but it didn’t show up, so the picture is in yesterday’s post now……….HUH?   Trust me, it’s there now.
Bob In The Porta-Bote — moved to yesterday


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