Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last Day -- Ready Pack For The Rally

We are ready to put the incidental things into the Bounder and head our first thing tomorrow morning.  I am really excited about getting away for 5 days. This is really a mini vacation for us.  HEY! I just looked at the calendar. We will be leaving on the first day of autumn.  WOW! Where did the summer go?

Last night I put up another page on the website This is an article about entry step rugs and how to keep you RV rug clean.

I am ready to buy some software that contains 800,000 pieces of clip art and photographs.  These are royalty free images that I can use to enhance my websites as they are developed.  For RV Living Magazine, all the pictures are my own so far, except when it is a product offered by some company.  As I increase the number of websites and number of topics I write about, I will need stock pictures I can legally use. 

There are websites where you can purchase stock photos also.  Here is a picture I purchase for $1 from a stock photography site.  The actual picture is much bigger, but I reduced it for use in the blog.

Nice Motorhome


I plan to use that photo somewhere on this site. I will probably try to create a better looking logo at the top of my pages with it. I am not that good at attractive layouts yet.  That is one thing I have not studied.  I may end up just paying for someone to create an attractive template for the websites I create.


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