Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mar 31, '05 Very Windy Day On The Coast

WOW! The wind is really blowing here today. There will be a few trees down before the end of the day. If you are at the beach you get sand blasted when the wind blows. One good thing about windy days at the beach is the beauty it creates. As the waves break, the wind blows spray off the top edges of the waves. Maybe we will go over to the beach and take some pictures this morning.

I notice that since the grounding of the Irving Johnson, we have not posted any new pages to RV Living Magazine. Events in life sure can distract you from things that need to be done. I need to start writing again. OOPS! April 1, April Fool's day, but this is NO JOKE, income taxes are due by the 15th. I still haven't started mine yet. Life sure gets in the way of living.

Did you like the pictures? I discovered new things I can do. The wallpaper is something new for me. I have used the technique for different other things and it never occurred to me to make wallpaper. I hope you start playing with your pictures in you photo editing and graphics programs. One BIG tip. Always make a copy of your original phonograph. NEVER work with the original. You will be amazed at the number of time you mess up your work. Also save you picture a number of times as you go and save it as a different name. For the Jessica pictures I had a copy of the original, Jessica1, and ended at Jessica 6. I have 6 pictures in different stages of completion. At any time I am dissatisfied with my progress I can revert to any picture and start over.

One week from today we will be heading out the the San Dimas California rally. I really look forward to these getaways. It not only introduces us to all the people we see in the forums, but is also a great way to get away from it all.

Blogger is having problems again. I hope this doesn't double post again.


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