Saturday, October 15, 2005

We Are Getting The Bounder Ready

Sharon is the main one getting everything in the motorhome ready to go to the rally this coming week.  I don’t have a lot to do. Mainly I have to do routine checks like oil, water, tire pressure etc on the day before we head out.  Sharon is taking a lot of stuff out of the MH and packing for some cold weather.  She saw a weather report for Shaver Lake that said possible snow flurries this weekend.  Hopefully it will be good weather next weekend.

Today we went back to Fry’s and got some the the FREE after rebate stuff we didn’t buy yesterday.  Since we sell on Ebay, it made sense to go back for more.  This will make what we bought for ourselves even cheaper once we sell off the extra stuff. 

I hope that some of the things I talk about in this journal help you think of ideas that can help you achieve things that are important in your life.  Maybe you will never sell on Ebay, but maybe you know someone who does.  Maybe one of my ideas will trigger an even better idea for you. 

Of all the things buying the motorhome has done for us, getting away from home is one of the best.  For the longest time we seldom got out and never got away.  The Bounder has opened up our lives and given us a real breath of fresh air.  I hope RVing does the same for you.


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