Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Feb 16, '05 SAL Is Getting Closer

We have started checking things off on our RV PACKING CHECK LIST. I guess it is official. We are getting ready to go to Lake San Antonio.

I wanted to bleed the brakes for routine maintenance before we started the trip, but I guess that is another job that will wait until after the trip before it is done.

Today I need to install the PVC T's so we can test the tank odor remover we read about in I was ready to buy the $25 or $30 commercially made unit, but if these do the trick, that is money saved.

Sharon and I have been talking about what it will take us to go full timing. I think the BIG thing is to make a plan and set some deadlines for accomplishing some things we need to do here in the warehouse. After the SAL trip we are going to spend a sunny day out in one of the garages and see what it will take to get rid of about 20 boxes of stuff stored there. This is business and personal stuff.

At times it seems that getting rid of stuff is a "Mission Impossible" task and at other times I can almost see how we could do it. Unfortunately that vision always fades away and we are still left needing a plan of action.

One of our problems is the business stuff makes money for us. It is hard to get rid of what you think might pay the bills next month. Yet if we do not get rid of it, we will never go full-timing. What a "Catch 22".

I got both T vent covers on the tanks this afternoon. The test will come on Friday when we drive up to Lake San Antonio. We usually get back drafted and have a terrible smell in the bathroom from the back pressure on the tanks. Hopefully this simple fix will act as a vacuum as we travel down the road and pull all the odors out instead of pushing them in. If this works good, I will give you full details in a magazine page.

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