Wednesday, June 15, 2005

$535.60 Later The Bounder NOT Repaired

Yesterday I took the Bounder to the shop and walked away $535.60 poorer, but the problem was not fixed. I had the belts and hoses replaced and the brake system flushed and filled with new fluid. WOW! In the past I used to do all this stuff myself. Prices sure are a lot more than I would have guessed. HOWEVER, I really do not want to work on my own vehicles any more. One of my goals in life has to been to have someone else do all work including oil changes on my cars, which now include all vehicles.

So, the shop said my problem was the carburetor needed to be replaced even though it had been just rebuilt. They said it had been rebuilt so many times it was worn out. They also said the old carb was no longer being built and was not available. The new carburetor would cost $750 installed. At that point my red flags went up and I said I would let the other shop deal with is since they had rebuilt it. A little white lie. I will not go back to that shop, but I will go the carburetor shop I first found that quoted $350 for a rebuild or new carb, either one.

Yesterday I stayed at the repair shop instead of coming back to the warehouse. I finished reading James Martell's course for the second time. I see a number of things that I will implement. Which makes me think, there is one thing you want to do starting out. Pick a course and stick with their methods until you understand more about website building and internet marketing.

If you were to get SBI and James Martell and try to do both at the same time, you would get confused. Each system is slightly different in its approach. However, once you get up and running and are beginning to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, I recommend learning from a many people and places as you can. SBI and James Martell are the two easiest courses I have studied. They provide the beginner with an easier place to start than the others I have.

If you logged into the blog a little earlier you saw a test note. I am trying to get things more to my liking. Blogger uses a lot of coding in their blog software. Most people who use a Blogger do not notice or care about the background workings. However, once you learn a little about HTML coding, you begin to want to tweak things a little to make it your way.

A test to start the day

This is only a test.  I will upload the blog within the hour.  I am checking the format changes I just made.

The test didn’t work.  I guess this will take a while.  More soon.


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