Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shop Vaccuum For RVing

Yesterday we bought a Craftsman 4 gallon shop vacuum for use in the motorhome. $54.95 on sale at Sears, last day of sale was yesterday. We got it online at 10 o’clock last night.  Don’t you love the internet.  We pick it up at our local store. We saw the same one at OSH for the regular price of $69.99 yesterday.  It is more canister vacuum shaped instead of round can shaped. Our reasoning is that a shop vac is powerful and will suck up water.  Water leaks in an RV are not that uncommon and having a vacuum that will take care of them will will be a good thing. 

Sharon got a bouquet of flowers out of our shopping trip yesterday. They had beautiful bouquet of many kinds in Home Depot, the hardware store.  The were only $5.95 a bunch.  At that price is hard not to buy some.

One thing we bought that won’t be that handy is a 1 gallon steamer. It created a nice hot steam spray, but for everything I tried to use it for, it was very inadequate for the job.  I even tried cleaning my engine with it.  It would take about a day and a half using one of these small home steam units.  I thought the size meant it would be good for RVing, but since it doesn’t work well it is now gathering dust.

I feel another camping trip coming on.  At least one more outing before the rally the 21st through 23rd.  Of course, day camping one day also wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  Sometimes a day away from things clears the mind and you work even better when you get back.

I just found a site that has weather for Shaver Lake, California at Shaver Lake California. This will be a handy site to watch as the rally approaches.



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