Monday, June 27, 2005

Lots Of Time Off From Work

HEY! It just dawned on me last night that next weekend is the Forth Of July.  We are going to my son’s place for the holiday.  This means camping two days this week and then 3 days off having fun at his house. 

This is Jessica’s Dad and Mom’s place. They live in the gated community with the 100 miles of roads.  Huge place.  Each 4th of July they have a big celebration that starts with hot air balloons which you can ride in for $50 each if you want.  A pancake breakfast.  A civil war camp with canons that fire and people dressed for the period.  No battle, but a lot of fun to walk in the camp an talk with the soldiers and their families.  There are vendors and food.  To be there is free to all residents.  Since it is a gated community you do need a pass to get in.

Bear Valley Springs in an interesting community.  To see more of it check it out at Bear Valley The top logo picture is a small portion of the entire gated community. 

Still no bees.  I think I won the battle and the war.  The other day when there were so many, I wonder if they were swarming in an effort to find a friendlier place to live.

We bought on of those 9 X 12 patio rugs at Camping World. Patio Rugs Are Here icon We had a soft green rug we got at Costco, but it is hard to get sand out of and I am sure it would be a real mess on a rainy day.  I read in that The polypropylene material these rugs are made of is very easy to clean and get dirt off of and out of.  A shaking will usually do the cleaning job or a garden hose for mud and spills.

We are about 60 miles from Camping World and stop there on trip to either of our son’s homes or just when the mood strikes us. We never get out cheap.  Once in a while we take advantage of their free shipping offers and just have it shipped. Watch what you order, everything is not free shipping.  Heavy items or large items may have a shipping charge.

Sharon is going to sew a “bag” to store it in. We have some restaurant style waterproof upholstery material we will use for the bag. On rainy days, we can store the mat in its own container that won’t let other things get wet.


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