Friday, August 12, 2005

39 Year Anniversary Today

39 years ago today a young man and a beautiful young woman were married.  Today they are still together and still in love.  We hold hands when we walk.  We enjoy each other’s company more than being with anyone else.  We like each other and most important of all, I think, is that we are best friends.  We are together all day and night. We work together and find that this is an ideal situation for us.  We like being together and don’t function as well when the other is away, even for a short time during the day.

We have a saying, “Being Married To You Means My Best Friend Is Always There”.  That pretty much sums up our marriage.

Today we are going to the Long Beach Aquarium.  It is a fun place to visit.  We rushed through it with my son the last time we went. He and his wife hurry through places they go.  The made it through our county fair in 1.5 hours and in that time were able to lose one of their babies shoes.  Less than two hours is hardly enough time to see all the animals, much less the rest of the fair.

We will drive down along the coast, so we will pass the place we day camp in the motorhome. We will also pass by two of the campgrounds we normally stay at.

Yesterday at Costco I bought Sharon a bouquet of roses.  27 roses for only $12.97.  We were shopping together.  She got a pretty blue top to wear today.  I got a new blue shirt.  NO, I didn’t eat there, BUT we did buy two dozen of their cookies.  YIKES!! I am going to have to be sure to exercise every day without fail.  Yes, I did my 30 minutes and nine miles plus weight exercised today.

Every time we go to Costco we see these huge wide screen TV’s.  The pictures make me almost wish we watched television again.  As I have told you before we no longer watch TV.  We did have it on for about 5 minutes to watch the shuttle take off, but that is all it has been on for a long time.  We do rent movies and watch them once in a while.


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