Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rentals Go Quickly

WOW!  Each rental we call on below $1200 is gone before we get a call back.  They are gone even before they come out in the paper.  I guess we will have to go to a number of realtors and get our name on a list. Rentals go for quickly in this area. 

Rentals are all many people can afford now.  With our median house price over $600,000, there are not many options for the new home buyer in this county.  Financially we are in no position to buy a house.

I have not even been thinking of the maintenance items I need to do on the Bounder.  I really need to get on top of that in the very near future.   HOWEVER, I will wait a few more days until my mind is clearer on our “have to move” challenge.

Our Ebay sales are picking up and we are doing more each day.  Even that is not as fast as I would like it.  I still find excuses not to work.  One of my problems is I have a lot of $10 items to sell and have to think hard to find the $20 or $100 items.  It takes as long to list and auction for a cheap item as it does an expensive item. 

To make $100 to $200 a day I only have to list a few higher dollar items. Sometimes only one will do it.  For the $10 items I have to list 15 or 20 to make just $100.  Not every item I list sells the first time.  This is frustrating at times and that slows me down.  I need to streamline my $10 auctions.  I am too much of a perfectionist and make the $10 auctions the same quality as the $100 ones.

Sharon and I have been trying to decide how this is going to affect our plans on going full time in our motorhome.  If we can find a rental for $1200 a month, that is $14,400 a year.  We saved that much living in the warehouse. Now we will have to spend instead of save. 

This is an interesting challenge.  Of course we have met a lot of challenges over that last few years.  We usually come out better off than we were when we come up against an obstacle.  I am positive that this one is really going to be a great and positive change for us.



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