Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Working On Ebay Mainly

We are settled back and working mainly on Ebay sales.  We have tons of stuff left over from my parents estate to get rid of.  They collected everything.  They were not “collectors”, they just collected stuff.  A lot of it is very nice antique glassware and other fine items that sell for decent money on Ebay. 

Sharon and I have started going through boxes trying to decide what to sell first.  It is a time consuming task, however the rewards are good.

I was really pleased with how the Bounder was running for this last trip.  That, plus getting just over 6 miles per gallon.  If you remember, we got 4 MPG for the first 1000 miles we had it.  Two miles per gallon is a nice increase, especially since gas is well over $2 a gallon.

One of my next motorhome projects will be to figure out how to remove the inverter and see if I can repair it.  I am thinking the reason it does not charge the battery is that a diode is blown.  Even with all the screws removed from its panel, it does not pull out of the compartment.  Something makes it stick. 

I wonder if this is another one of those things the manufacturer built the coach around.  Something you cannot remove with out some major disassembly.  At the rally we just got home from a trained RV service technician, Duane, looked at it and neither of us could pull the inverter out more than an inch. 

My sincerest wish is that engineers have to spend eternity working on their own creations.  It is a shame that is not a RULE, then maybe things would be easier to work on. 


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